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Leather trash bin made of carefully selected leather is produced entirely by hand workmanship. The inner part is plastic and has a structure that can be removed and cleaned. The general usage areas of our products are hotel rooms, managers, stationeries, restaurants. The leather-covered waste bin models, which are designed so that the upper part can be easily removed, therefore offer an efficient use.

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We Know The Steel

We have been producing high quality, customized steel recycling and garbage cans for over 30 years. Since then we have been providing the most efficient and right solutions with our experience and high quality understanding.

We produce highly efficient and durable systems at the same time by keeping the molds in the sector in the production of recycling bins and trash cans by keeping the optional and design in the foreground.

All Products Have Been Designed and Produced By Aben Steel In Istanbul, Turkey

Modern and Natural Design

A range of wood, park and garden waste bins series with natural, decorative design and weatherproof construction

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