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With its lightness and portable structure that does not take up much space, the foot ashtray models in many different places offer an effective solution. It prevents the butts and the ashes that it brings with it, especially in its workplaces and various institutions, from polluting the environment. Parking areas, offices; It has a wide range of uses, such as gardens and shopping malls. While it completely removes hygienically threatening elements from the environment, it also allows the environment to look clean and respected at all times.
 Ashtray Models with Different Structures
 Depending on the structure of the place to be used, the number of employees and the concept of the goods, a pedestal ashtray can be chosen from among different models. These products, which are prepared with quality materials and compatible structure that can be used everywhere, offer convenience for the disposal of butts and ash. The foot parts of these products, which can be used everywhere comfortably, have been prepared with a structure that can stand without knocking against different impacts and jolts.
 Ashtray Models with Different Structures
 In terms of usage style, ashtray ashtrays can be evaluated with many different model structures. These products, which can be used from the side or top, also come to the fore with their open plate-shaped models. You can choose from designs that have a square, round or stick-shaped thin body, and you can get it right from the category depending on the structure, style and number of people you want to use. These stainless products offer many different color scales.

We Know The Steel

We have been producing high quality, customized steel recycling and garbage cans for over 30 years. Since then we have been providing the most efficient and right solutions with our experience and high quality understanding.

We produce highly efficient and durable systems at the same time by keeping the molds in the sector in the production of recycling bins and trash cans by keeping the optional and design in the foreground.

All Products Have Been Designed and Produced By Aben Steel In Istanbul, Turkey

Modern and Natural Design

A range of wood, park and garden waste bins series with natural, decorative design and weatherproof construction

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