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We present you the AB-602 RODOSTO URBAN WASTE BIN with barred design and attachable ashtray.
Particularly designed for crowded areas and through out the whole city.

Its practial use and easy cleaning makes this product our one of the top sellers. It is mostly bought by city halls and municipality.
Also electro static paint which we applied on to it maket his product more hygiene and durable to all outer conditions. We can put your own customized logo or symbol to this product with laser technique.

About this product not just look but also the field of use is very wide such as; shopping malls, banks, municipalities, schools, univercities and many more.

This urban waste bin can be customized to your delight.

Please contact us for more information and prices.


  • Outer body made of 2 mm pipes fixed on 1 mm base and upper strip.
  • Upper side made of 1 mm scoured steel with ashtray
  • Inner bin made of 0,70 mm scoured steel
  • Oem design available
  • Optional colours available

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