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Wooden garden bucket models of different sizes, specially designed to make the environment and natural environment look more pleasant to the eye; Suitable for use in parks, gardens and outdoors. You can contribute to the integration of living spaces with nature by choosing from among the models that have special colors and designs.
 Environmentally Friendly Products
 Models prepared in harmony with the environment and nature are suitable for outdoor use. Models having a size and usage characteristics compatible with the environment are according to the design; with ashtray or trash.
 Electrostatic furnace painted metal parts are designed for easy storage and subsequent cleaning using waste in harmony with lacquered wooden slats. You can also use Aben Çelik decorative products and make living spaces more comfortable and enjoyable.
 Innovative and Decorative Garden Decorations
 Our company, which makes a difference in its field with its environmentally friendly and user-friendly wooden park bucket models, ensures that the change is not a dream and meets the goals with its individual and environment-specific solutions. Products with feet fixed on the floor are safe. Models that create a long-term and high quality use area in accordance with the weather prevailing in the external environment, ensure that garbage is collected in one place.
 Products suitable for use almost everywhere from winter gardens to educational institutions, cafes, parks and gardens do not require assembly and can be easily moved to different areas if needed. It is in your hands to renew your space with the color, design and size you choose ...

We Know The Steel

We have been producing high quality, customized steel recycling and garbage cans for over 30 years. Since then we have been providing the most efficient and right solutions with our experience and high quality understanding.

We produce highly efficient and durable systems at the same time by keeping the molds in the sector in the production of recycling bins and trash cans by keeping the optional and design in the foreground.

All Products Have Been Designed and Produced By Aben Steel In Istanbul, Turkey

Modern and Natural Design

A range of wood, park and garden waste bins series with natural, decorative design and weatherproof construction

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