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Orchid recycling bin stands out with its modern and decorative look. Every inner bin has 25cm width and their lenght 60/70/80/90cm. Made from metal sheet and painted with electro static paint.
Garbage seperation units help you to collect and seperate garbages quickly and as sanitary as possible.

Durable body and special paint enhances its endurance so it won’t rust or decay for a long time.
This metal recycling bin can be used in many places such as; hotels, hospitals, hotels, plaza entrances, plaza entrances, parks and gardens, corporates.

In this model colour of top circle represents which garbages goes which bin. At request, color and dimensions can be change. Also names and logos changable.

This park and garden recycling bin suitable for both personal and corporate use.

If you have any questions, please do contact us.


  • Bin made of 0,60 mm sheet
  • Strips made of 1,5 mm aluminium
  • Electrostatical powder coating
  • Printing available on foglio
  • OEM design available
  • Optional colurs available

Diameter 25 cm

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