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This zero waste recycle bin keep your rubbish inside properly thanks to its special locked and secure outer design. This unique design model, made out of steel sheet and covered in electrostatic paint, helps you to collect garbage without mixed.

This recycle disposal bin has four inner buckets and can be used very easily by all of the people from different society. Thanks to its practical design, open lid on the back makes cleaning and using so practical.

Plastic, glass, paper and metal thrown into the bin through right holes and garbage collector easily collect these garbages.

We designed this recycle waste bin for particularly 0 waste Project and for the purpose of better and clean world.

Our customers are welcome to choose any of our zero waste Project products to design with their own logos and design. We can also transform it for corporate use.

Please contact us for more information about zero waste project and prices.


  • Separation unit made of 1 mm scoured steel sheet
  • 4 Separate inner bin made of 0,60 mm scoured steel
  • Lid is equipped with hinge to open from front side to back
  • Electrostatical powder coating
  • OEM desing available
  • Optional colours available

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