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This outdoor waste bin commonly used in public areas to keep their surrondings more clean and hygiene. It serves your need easily.
Espacially designed for urban usage so that we built with electro static powerder to keep away bugs and harmfull animals. It is also resistable to UV light so you can use it for many years.
Also cleaning and collecting of the waste very easy thanks to its special design.

This U model litter bin also has a special feature that we can put chain lid so our customers prevent theft. It is important to know which waste bin you should choose. Depending your are or field of use you should pick a rational choice.
We AbenSteel give our customer’s a variety of options.
Also our product can be customized according to your preferences.

Please contact us for more information and prices.


  • Body made of 0,60 mm scoured steel sheet
  • Holes on two sides for trash
  • Feet made of 48x1,20 pipe
  • Electrostatical powder coating
  • OEM design available
  • Optional colours available

Diameter 28 cm
Height 65.00 cm

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