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Thanks to its strong and eye catching look this particular product can be used nearly everywhere.
Designed with lid with chain, galvanized steel sheet and at the top there is a ashtray.
Resistable to harsh weather conditions and can be fix to the ground.
Product of ours highly customized to your preference ( diameters, colour, logo etc.)

This particular product design with unique look and engineering to keep the bugs, bees away from the area. Fort hat reason it is mainly used in parks , gardens, urban areas, shopping malls, restaurants and many more.

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  • Bin outer body upper side made of 21x2 pipe
  • Bin outer body base made of 1 mm scoured steel sheet
  • Vertical pipes made of 2 mm scoured steel sheet
  • Inner bin made of 0,70 mm scoured steel
  • Elektrostatic powder coating

Diameter 45 cm
Height 95.00 cm

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