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Options of personal colour choice and diameters this outdoor waste box may be the product you are looking for. Espacially designed for outdoor use and public areas.
This waste bin mostly used in; parks, gardens, municipalities, playgrounds, open areas in shopping malls and restaurants.

With the help of quality parts and electro static powder this product quite durable and resist to hars weather conditions and vandalism.
This decorative waste bin helps to companies to achieve ideal look in their places.

Adjustable height and strong materials maket his product more pratic than ever.
Our customers can use this product for many years without any decay or rust.

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  • Bin made of 0,70 mm scoured steel sheet by laser cut
  • Feet made of 40x40x1,5 scoured steel profile
  • Floor fixing apparatus
  • Inner bin with ashtray
  • Electrostatical poliester powder coating
  • OEM design available
  • Optional colours available

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