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This product designed with special wood materials on top of stainless steel sheet body. HORNBEAM urban waste bin, thanks to its unique design and unordinary look it is used in enveriomental and urban places. Besides its quality look, it is also eco-friendly and eye-catching.

These outdoor waste bins, can be used various places such as; parks, public spaces, gardens, outside of hotels and restaurants. It is painted with special electrostatic paint to make our product both decorative and resist weather conditions. Our customers use these products for many years with no worrying of rust or decay.

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  • Bin upper side made of 21x1 mm scoured steel sheet
  • Base made of 1 mm scoured steel sheet
  • Inner bin made of 0,70 mm scoured steel sheet
  • Bin body made of 2 mm scoured steel
  • Polished hornbeam wood lathes
  • Electrostatical powder coating
  • OEM design available
  • Optional colours available

Diameter 45 cm
Height 85.00 cm

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