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  • GERBERA RECYCLE BIN Urban Recycle Bin, Outdoor Recycle Bin, Steel Recycle Bin, Large Size Recycle Bin


  • Product Code: AB-705
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It is suitable for buyer’s preference and also can be design to fit your company’s apperance.
Specially used in outdoor or urban areas to help waste management and clean envireonment.

Amon with all other zero waste bins this particular product mostly used in municipalities.
Our customers are welcome to choose any of our product with any colour and size.

Thanks to metal sheet body type and electro static paint it last many years without any decay or rust.
To help our surronding we AbenSteel work hard for you to produce healty and practical enverionmental products to you.

For more information and prices please contact us.


  • Made of 1,5 mm scoured steel sheet
  • 2 pcs inner bins made of 1 mm scoured steel sheet
  • Cambered lid with spring
  • Locked doors on both side
  • Electrostatical powder coating
  • OEM design available
  • Optional colours available

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