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Trash can models, which are the recovery of your kitchens, are the products that every house needs. As in kitchens, trash cans are needed in bathrooms, gardens, offices and in different areas of use to maintain general hygiene and order.
 Quality Stainless Models
 Different sizes of models can be preferred according to your needs in your usage areas. Stainless steel models with mini hoops may be suitable for your offices as open-mouth designs. Since its mouth is open, it will not be suitable for use in areas such as the kitchen. Plastic column designs are also among the different and economic choices that are open-mouthed. Stainless models with manual covers can be used outside. This type of trash can models can be used in the form of cigarette butts or waste battery collection boxes.
 Litter Bins With Lids
 Models with pedals and covers are more hygienic options that can be used in homes, offices, sinks. Available in 16 liter and 20 liter sizes. Models with movable covers are more practical in terms of use. You can use the models, which you can find in different sizes, in your usage areas in a practical way.
 On dished, open-mouth models, there will be quality trash can designs that can be used for collecting waste such as paper. Pedal models also have models of much smaller sizes such as 5 liters. In steel models with manual covers, there will be choices that can provide hygiene in the desired area and prevent the spread of bad odors into the environment. Black painted circle models are options that you can combine according to your designs in your usage areas. They are solid designs that can take place in your offices in models with hoops and holes.


We Know The Steel

We have been producing high quality, customized steel recycling and garbage cans for over 30 years. Since then we have been providing the most efficient and right solutions with our experience and high quality understanding.

We produce highly efficient and durable systems at the same time by keeping the molds in the sector in the production of recycling bins and trash cans by keeping the optional and design in the foreground.

All Products Have Been Designed and Produced By Aben Steel In Istanbul, Turkey

Modern and Natural Design

A range of wood, park and garden waste bins series with natural, decorative design and weatherproof construction

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