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We designed this urban waste box to standart human size so people can easily throw their waste easily. Its pratic and stylish design can make your surrondings more clean and hygiene at the same time.
It can easily mount to the ground and with the electro static paint you can use this product for many years without any decay or rust.

We built this product so it can be put anywhere our customers desire.
It comes with different colour options, diameters and ıf you desire we can apply your company logo or amblem.

We make our product with fully stainless steel or metal. As AbenSteel we do not use any platic material in our products to help enverionment.

Please contact us for more information and price.


  • Outer bin made of 0,60 mm scoured steel sheet
  • Foot made of 2 mm scoured steel sheet by laset cut
  • Floor fixing apparatus
  • Electrostatical poliester powder coating
  • OEM design available
  • Optional colours available

Diameter 25 cm
Height 115.00 cm

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