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Generally used in the offices, houses and commercial areas, the coat hangers are very popular with their portable structure and stylish style; offers practical ease of use. Modern style, classic structure as well as functional parts; It brings the elegance of different periods to the venues with its retro and vintage options. The base of these products, designed with a tubular appearance, must necessarily offer a carrier strength and quality. Thus, no problems arise when hanging items of different weights or against the impact. With its hangers in different heights and in different numbers, it provides practicality while constantly entering and exiting the place at workplaces.


 Coat Models with Quality Material Structure


 The coat hanger models, which provide a long-lasting use thanks to the electrostatic oven painted and strong material, bring elegance to the spaces with its appearance; gives respect. You can choose between chrome and black painted model designs and use them safely. These products, which have a general visual structure to adapt to any space, can be easily evaluated for both winter and summer clothes.


 Depending on the Usage Purposes Opportunity


 Depending on whether it will be used at home or at work, you can choose from coat types. Depending on the number of people in the space, the structure and the style of the items, you can choose from different models. Thanks to its durable structure, any situation such as shaking or tipping is not encountered while throwing or removing items. You can order safely on the category at very affordable prices.


We Know The Steel

We have been producing high quality, customized steel recycling and garbage cans for over 30 years. Since then we have been providing the most efficient and right solutions with our experience and high quality understanding.

We produce highly efficient and durable systems at the same time by keeping the molds in the sector in the production of recycling bins and trash cans by keeping the optional and design in the foreground.

All Products Have Been Designed and Produced By Aben Steel In Istanbul, Turkey

Modern and Natural Design

A range of wood, park and garden waste bins series with natural, decorative design and weatherproof construction

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